Daemon pro vstupní zařízení pro CAVE

Input device daemon for CAVE system


  1. Analyze trackd daemon distributed by Mechdyne corp. and study it's API for use in applications and SDK for developing custom drivers. Try to find other similar solutions.
  2. Define requirements for new daemon based on the research and other requirements specified by the supervisor. The new daemon should support real-time configuration changes and use of feedback capabilities of connected device. The new daemon should support original trackd protocol as well.
  3. Design this daemon and implement it. Try to make the design as modular as possible, in order to be easily extensible.
  4. The result of the implementation should be the deamon itself, one device driver and a simple application using the daemon.
  5. Prepare and document API for applications and SDK for developing drivers and other modules.
  6. Test the daemon implementation against existing applications using original trackd API, test usability of new communication API and compare both APIs.
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